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10 Great Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

April 22 is Earth Day, a global nationwide observance of the need for and efforts to better protect the earth via clean energy, green initiatives. Over one billion people in 192 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe held demonstrations, planted trees, held beach cleanups, talked up their legislators,…

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Solar Sweetness! Baltimore’s Iconic Domino Sugars Sign Goes Solar

The neon-orange Domino Sugars sign illuminating Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is among the city’s most beloved landmarks. Now, there’s a reason to love it even more. With the recent installation of a photovoltaic array at the famed sugar refinery off Key Highway, the beloved fixture has gone solar. Th…

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Desert Solar Park May End Pakistan’s Energy Crisis

Pakistani governmental officials are banking on a planned state-of-the-art solar energy park to help alleviate its longstanding power shortages. Power cuts are an all-too-common occurrence in the South Asian country, crippling daily business and civic operations. But the planned QuaideAzam Solar P…

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Commercial Solar Panels

More and more, commercial property owners are turning to solar energy to power their businesses. A commercial solar system outfitted with commercial solar panels can provide your business with clean, renewable and cost-effective energy. Commercial solar panels cost less than you might think. Here's how commercial solar energy works for a solar energy business:

Commercial solar energy starts with commercial solar panels. When sunlight hits them, energy is generated. From there, energy travels to an inverter and is converted from DC power to AC electricity -- the kind you need to power your office or business. Next, the AC current from the inverter is passed on to an electric service panel. From there, the electricity is routed to your company's specific electric loads and needs.

Store Energy to the Grid and Save Even More

When your commercial solar energy system generates more power than your business needs, the excess can be routed over to the utility power grid. When this happens, your electricity meter will spin backwards, earning you money and/or credit toward your overall energy bill.

In this day and age, companies need to set an example by conducting business in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. After your initial investment, the commercial solar panels cost savings on your company's energy bill will be substantial. You'll also drastically reduce the CO2 emissions your business produces.

Commercial solar energy for your business or organization can help you "go green" and save more money on your energy bill with each passing year. Becoming a solar energy business means you're doing your part to help save the planet, and your bottom line will benefit as well.